Bank Rakyat

Bank Rakyat is its members’ Choice Bank for all its product and service offerings are the best compared with those provided by other competing financial institutions. Since membership in Bank Rakyat is very significant, there is no reason for them to look at others.

This vision generates the tagline: “Bank Rakyat Your Choice Bank”

To help improve the economic well-being of members by providing financing facilities at an affordable rate for agriculture, production, marketing, fishing, transportation, housing and business activities deemed beneficial to members and to also promote thrift and savings. (By Law Article 5(i))

To ensure a satisfactory profit towards meeting dividend payments to its members while charging reasonable profit rates that is not a burden to its members.

The main function of Bank Rakyat is to provide financing and accept deposits as well as producing satisfactory dividend returns for betterment of its members.

Strategy Market
To widen and penetrate the market through effective marketing efforts.

Determination of a unique product and its simple and timely delivery.

Providing valuable offerings through a service that is sensitive to its customers needs.

Social Responsibilities
Increasing contribution towards social development and members needs.

Product Range
Exploring business opportunities apart from consumer banking.